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Saturday, March 04, 2006



Will here a new and better one and its called nice offers.

" This tool works similar to the 'Ads by Goggle' you see in Goggle search results. Designed to attract potential customers to NOC offers, the Ad Dock presents a series of syndicated offers that appear on your personal Website. You can choose to promote a specific NOC offer, the most popular offers, or offers from certain categories. The Dock is extremely easy to set up. "

But there more lots more!!!!!
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NOC is an awesome fundraiser opportunity. Know any organizations that need to raise money? You can now refer them to one of the coolest and easiest fundraisers ever...and make great money doing it!

Simple “plug in and go” system. You can be earning money within hours.
Huge front-end income potential

Huge back-end (residual) income potential

Getting nowhere marketing hard-to-sell products? NOC’s MASS APPEAL makes it nearly impossible to fail. With NOC, you can get paid when your customers buy exactly what they’re already buying –on the Web and right in their own city!

Tap into the vast global marketplace. NOC eliminates shipping and currency issues and is translated in ten different languages! ...including: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, and Greek!

Virtually every product and service in the world will be available through NOC. And if there's a product or service you're interested in that we don't have, YOU can add it!

Lucrative both online and offline. A business you’ll be proud to promote.

Test-drive it...FREE!

Best of all, we allow you to “test drive” NOC – for as long as you like – with absolutely NO OBLIGATION.

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